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Water leaks can happen because of damaged joints, much water pressure, clogged drain, corrosion, and other reasons. Whenever you observe a water leak in your home, count on our service to get it repaired properly.

Alex Plumbing The Woodlands is a licensed and specialized company that offers great water leak repair services for all The Woodlands TX residents. Whether you have a leaky faucet, toilet or any other leaky plumbing part, we can repair it.

Anytime you notice a leakage, you have to get our service rapidly. That is because if you neglect the leak even if it is small, it can get bigger over time and damage the area under it. Besides, it increases your water bills and waste gallons of water.

Why do you want to neglect the leak and don’t enjoy using your water when you can get our service? In some cases, if the leak is beside an electrical wire, it can cause a fire. Get your safety now by calling us.

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Cheap Leak Repair Service

Are you suffering from a dripping faucet? In case you have a leaking faucet that can be because of the gasket, washer, o-ring or another reason. Some homeowners can deal with faucet leaking themselves. However, if you tried to handle your faucet yourself and it doesn’t stop leaking, we are ready to repair it.

Besides, we can repair toilet leaks. Whether your toilet is leaking from the base or from the tank, our technicians can fix its leak. We can repair any leaking pipe as well.

If your water heater is leaking, our technicians will check it to repair its problems and stop the leak. A leaky water heater is a dangerous thing, it can cause big damage. No matter it is leaking from the top or the bottom, we can repair it.

Whether your bathtub faucet is leaking, you have a leaking shower head, leaking pipe, leaking toilet or any other leaking plumbing part, we are ready to fix it. Water leaking cause many problems such as mold that can impact on your health.

Don’t wait until you face water damage, our leak repair service is easily accessible near you in The Woodlands, Texas. Whenever you want to get a cheap and great leak repair service, depend on Alex Plumbing The Woodlands.

Water Leak Detection

Not all leaks you can observe easily. If you have a slab leak that occurs in the pipes under the concrete foundation, you need to get a water leak detection service. The early detection of the slab leak is so necessary.

In Alex Plumbing The Woodlands, we have an advanced water detector that helps us to detect unhidden leaks quickly. Besides, our technicians are highly-qualified to repair any leak correctly. Even if you are in The Woodlands TX and have an urgent situation, give us one call to get our +fast service.

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