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If your toilet doesn’t flush or it is always running, you need to get our toilet repair service. Alex Plumbing The Woodlands is a professional plumbing company that has +15 years of experience. “In addition, we aim to provide you with the best service that satisfies your needs perfectly”.

For any toilet problem, we have an effective solution. Besides, our technicians can install any toilet type and replace your old toilet with a new one.

Through our service, we handle American Standard toilets, Toto toilets, Saniflo toilets, Kohler toilets, Delta toilets, Niagara toilets, Woodbridge toilets, and all other toilet brands. That is why if you are in The Woodlands TX, you don’t need to hesitate to get our great toilet repair service.

We can install, repair, and replace toilets correctly. Whether your toilet is leaking from the tank to the bowl, you have a slow draining toilet, clogged toilet or any other toilet problem, you can obtain our service easily by contacting us.

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Local Toilet Repair Service

There are several problems that you may face with your toilet and these problems can annoy you. However, you can get your comfort by relying on Alex Plumbing The Woodlands knowing that we can repair any toilet problem.

Toilets leak because of many things such as rusty pipe, loose connections, cracked bowl, cracked tank, and other reasons. Whether you have a leaking toilet tank or your toilet is leaking from the base, we can repair it. Even if your toilet is leaking into the bowl, our service is your ideal choice.

Additionally, toilets get clogged due to flushing things that you shouldn’t flush. For example, diapers, hair, and soap can build-up in the drain and clog your toilet. In case you are suffering from this problem, our technicians can unclog your clogged toilet.

Moreover, a clogged drain is one of the toilet overflowing causes. When you face a toilet overflow problem, turn off your water supply and call us to repair your toilet.

Our technicians can deal with all toilet parts. No matter your toilet flapper is leaking or you have a problem with your toilet gasket, toilet flush valve, toilet fill valve, toilet wax ring or any other part, we are here to help.

Even if your problem needs toilet valve replacement or any other service, we come to you in any place in The Woodlands, Texas perfectly equipped with all the necessary tools.

Cheap Toilet Repair Service

In Alex Plumbing The Woodlands, you are our priority. We always care about offering great toilet repair services for you. “Our technicians are licensed and qualified to repair any toilet problem.” They can deal with full-flow toilets and low-flow toilets as well.

Besides, they know the importance of having a well-functioning toilet; therefore, they repair your problem effectively and quickly. To help you fix all your toilet problems, we provide all The Woodlands TX people with the highest quality toilet repair services at cheap prices.

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