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These days garbage disposal becomes an essential appliance in every home. With a garbage disposal, you will get rid of food wastes easily, don’t have many trash bins in your home, and get many other benefits.

If you want to get garbage disposal to enjoy its benefits, and you are searching and asking “Where is the best garbage removal service near me?” Alex Plumbing The Woodlands is your local supporter that handles all garbage disposal issues in The Woodlands TX.

Our company provides you with trusted services that you can enjoy. Whenever you want to count on a reliable company that assists you with any garbage disposal problem, we are your ideal choice.

With our service, you will get a +high-quality garbage disposal service at an affordable price. Therefore, you can get a great garbage disposal service that helps you to enjoy your unit and save your money at the same time by giving us one call.

We present the best garbage disposal service.

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Comprehensive Garbage Disposal Service

In case you want to install a new garbage disposal, we not only install it but also help you to choose the right unit that suits your usage. Residential garbage disposals must be different from the commercial ones. Therefore, if you want to install quality garbage disposal correctly, rely on us.

Even if you want to have a bigger unit, you can get our garbage disposal replacement service in which we remove your old unit and install the new one.

Is your kitchen garbage disposal clogged? Garbage disposal gets clogged due to many things such as putting grease, fat, oil, bones, and foreign things in it. In case your unit drains slowly, it may be a sign that is clogged. Alex Plumbing The Woodlands can unclog it completely.

Moreover, if your garbage disposal is leaking, you may need a seal replacement. Let us examine your unit to detect its real problem and fix it. In case you hear humming noise or you have to frequently reset it to work, give us one call to repair your unit effectively.

Besides, if you have a broken garbage disposal, our specialists will try to repair it, but if it is badly damaged, we will replace it.

Our services are around you in The Woodlands, Texas. Call us to get our incomparable service.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

You can maintain your garbage disposal yourself to keep it running smoothly. Cleaning your unit from inside even with baking soda and vinegar helps you to keep it functioning correctly. In addition, you shouldn’t put in it hard food such as beach stones and hard seeds.

Besides, it is advisable to use cold water while running your unit. Garbage disposal is a useful appliance, if you are in The Woodlands TX, you can get our help to maintain it to ensure its durability. Contact Alex Plumbing The Woodlands today.

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