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Having a drainage system that functions properly is a blessing that everyone needs to have it. In The Woodlands TX, you can rely on Alex Plumbing The Woodlands to get all your drain needs. Our company can deal with any drainage pipe problem effectively.

We appreciate the difficulty of facing a problem with your drain; therefore, we offer a great drain cleaning service that you can get to fix your issues easily.

Moreover, our plumbers can deal with PVC pipes, copper pipes, CPVC pipes, PEX pipes, and all other drain pipe types. Whether your sink drain, shower drain, floor drain or any other drain is clogged, we can unclog it perfectly.

Anytime you have a clogged drain or a leaky drain pipe, our plumbers will help you. They also can install new drain pipes and replace old ones correctly.

By giving us one call, you will get our drain cleaning service.

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Drain Pipe Repair Service

In case you have a dripping drain in your house, you have to find a solution quickly. That is because a leaky drain can cause big damage to the place under the drain and waste gallons of water as time passes and that lets you get high water bills. You can fix your leaking drain pipe with our service.

Besides, if your sink or shower drains slowly, it is a sign that you have a clogged drain. There are also some signs that you can observe when you have a clogged drain. For example, if your toilet is bubbling or you smell bad odors.

Clogged drains happen due to the build-up of soap, hair, toothpaste, toilet papers, food, grease, oil, mold, and mildew. When you have a clogged drain, you will face problems that prevent you from comfortably using water. Get your comfort now by depending on our service that can clear any clogged drain.

Alex Plumbing The Woodlands can unclog storm drain, bathtub drain, shower drain, channel drain, sink drain, toilet drain, laundry drain, external drain, and all other drains correctly. Even if you want to replace any drain, we are ready to do so.

Our service is available for everybody in The Woodlands, Texas. Call us immediately to stop all your drain problems.

Cheap Drain Cleaning Service

Some people think they can unclog drain themselves. Indeed, some clogged drains you can unclog yourself; however, there are others that you cannot clean them even if you have the best drain cleaner types.

In these cases, you have to get the assistance of Alex Plumbing The Woodlands’ specialists who are equipped with great equipment such as drain auger & video cameras. We also use the hydro jetting method in some clogged drain cases. Our company in The Woodlands TX helps you save your money by offering a +quality drain cleaning service at a cheap price.

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